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Secondary Containment

When it comes to secondary containment, you have a few options to choose from. A & B Welding, Inc. can help you achieve the best secondary containment package that would suit your needs.

The various secondary containment packages include:

Tank in a Tank: When you are limited on space, this is the containment we recommend. A & B Welding has built several tanks inside of a secondary containment tank. This tank package will not only save valuable space, but you will not have to continually monitor and pump rain water out of the containment area. These tank packages have two floors, two walls, and share the same roof.

Tank with Liner: A&B Welding offers liners for liquid storage tank systems for liquid fertilizer. This system uses a tested, proven, PVC membrane inside the tank, which becomes the primary containment for the liquid; with the rigid tank being the secondary containment with mechanical leak detection ports. Installation is done utilizing OSHA Compliant trained crews and the latest methods of attachment and compression sealing of all inlets and outlets to your tank.

We have found over the years that a liner can have a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years plus in 28% & 32% nitrogen service and 10-34-0 service. The care and maintenance of the liners affects the life expectancy of the liner system. Maintaining a maximum temperature of 150 degrees F.; and removal of solids build-up on a regular basis also extends the life of the liner. A 60 mil bottom can be fabricated into the lining system.

This lining system is approved by most state departments of agriculture. Once scheduled, a lining system can normally be installed in less than seven days.

Steel Containment: One of the most recent containment packages offered is the corrugated steel secondary containment. This application follows the same outline as the earthen containment, but can save valuable room because it can be shaped to different configurations. After the containment area is level and compacted, reinforcement posts and corrugated steel sheets are installed to make the containment area. Then a liner system is installed to cover the floor and walls.

Earthen Containment: This application is probably the most common. Our excavator or the customer’s contractor would remove dirt from the site where the secondary containment would be placed and build berm walls to form a pooling area or containment dike with the dirt that was removed. A liner system is then added to the containment floor and berm walls.


A&B Welding builds liquid fertilizer plants across the Corn Belt, from Nebraska to Ohio, Minnesota to
Kentucky. Our own employee crews fabricate field erected tanks and all types of piping – to include
stainless steel, black steel and HDPE. We also provide concrete, buildings and containment. Our
customers especially appreciate our liquid system designs due to their superior functionality.

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